The Importance of Disinfecting Public Places, Buildings, Aircrafts,

The world is currently facing an unprecedented health crisis and the importance of disinfecting public places, buildings, aircrafts and buses has become paramount. To ensure that these areas are kept safe from bacteria, fungi and viruses it is essential to use a reliable disinfection solution. Fenair provides such a solution with their revolutionary Virocid technology which uses mist to quickly kill dangerous pathogens in large areas.

The Power of Virocid:

Virocid works by releasing tiny droplets of the active ingredient into the air through nebulisers which then settle on surfaces where they can rapidly eliminate both airborne and surface-based microorganisms including bacteria, fungi as well as enveloped viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for COVID19). The product consists of two components – an activator concentrate which contains nonionic surfactants along with other additives; plus water or alcohol used for dilution purposes depending on application requirements. As this combination does not contain any hazardous substances it poses no risk to humans or animals when used correctly according to instructions provided by Fenair’s experts who have extensive experience in developing effective solutions for various industries worldwide.

Fast Yet Efficient Results

Fenair’s Virocid technology provides fast yet efficient results without leaving behind residues so there is no need for additional cleaning after treatment has been completed making it ideal even in sensitive environments such as healthcare facilities where hygiene standards must be strictly adhered too at all times! In addition due its unique formulation this product also helps reduce odours caused by organic compounds present within indoor spaces meaning that not only will your premises remain germ free but also smelling fresh!

guaranteed results every time!

Overall if you are looking for a reliable way to keep your public places, buildings, aircrafts clean then look no further than Fenair’s disinfection system – guaranteed results every time!