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Based on a well-thought-out strategy, Fenair can handle every kind of aircrafts safely and ready for departure within the agreed turnaround time.

Ground handling is all about knowledge, training and safety. Our human factor is our biggest strength. We continuously focus on training and retraining our team. Our people is occupying the central position of our global operations.

As from approaching, our ramp handling is ready to welcome the aircraft and will ensure the aircraft to be clear foe an on-time departure.

We care from the marshalling to the pushing-out

Our ramp’s team is taking care of the entire process.

Fenair car organize dedicated short as long distances transportation. 

In cooperation with our transportation partners, we are taking care of transports from/to our airports to/from any national such as international destinations.

Safety and punctually are the utmost importance!

Fenair gets a dedicated and fully trained team to ensure a full and complete maintenance & reparation of powered such as non-powered ground support equipment.

We can assist you for an optimal service on your G.S.E. to ensure the productivity and effectiveness of these last so your equipment will be maximized.

Fenair can ensure this thanks to her brand-new computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) which is complying with the highest level of the industry.

Fenair fully owns all a full and complete range of G.S.E.

Her equipment is and remains permanently fully maintained in order to ensure any operations on the day or night.

Fenair ensures to keep the most updated ground support equipment on her aprons.

The aircraft inside cleaning was, as you know, the first operation of Fenair on the Antwerp airport.

Actually, Fenair takes care of the cockpit, galleys, toilets and cabin cleaning wher it operates.

Within no time, your aircraft could be cleaned and so again ready for departure.

In addition, Fenair can perform a deep cleaning of aircrafts on request. Our cleaning employees contribute to our integral service with attention to hygiene regulations.

Furthermore, Fenair is fully equipped to ensure a full disinfection of your A/c and this thanks to the latest technology.

fenair ca also proceed to an aircraft exterior cleaning thanks to one of her cherry picker and high pressurized equipement. Fenair will make your aircraft visually brand new.

Fenair presents efficient solutions for the disinfection of objects and surfaces of all types and structures.

No matter if it concerns public places, buildings, aircrafts or even busses. Wherever many people move, touch, talk, cough and sneeze, the risk of infection with viruses or bacteria is present. That is why Fenair offers a high quality disinfection service.

Fenair disinfects infrastructures with Virocid. This product kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. Virocid is spread in the air by means of mist, causing all bacteria to be destroyed instantly. We disinfect every kind of location in no time. This is because Fenair just uses different nebulisers, which can quickly disinfect large areas.

Fenair can organize full transport services for your complete crews (pilots, hostess, loadmasters, maintenance staff, …)!

On landside, from/to our airports to/from the crew ‘s accommodation. 

On airside, from/to the airport’s main entrance to/from any aircraft position.

Fenair can also organize escort for third parties; Parties which are not access holder. A full dedicated Fenair’ staff will care of you and stay from your entrance to your exit of the restricted airport area.

Four Commitments


1. Dedicated Team

Fenair is renowned for our ‘take it personally’ service and dedicated quality people. Your requests will have even more care and attention to detail and you can trust our professional team to take care of it.


3. Save money

We can help your organisation save money through smart and innovative LEAN solutions to the benefit of your profitability.


2. Quality

In our constant quest to improve Quality, it is our desire to continuously explore, amend and replace various processes and modalities within the organization, which will manifest itself in higher standards of Quality Management.


4. Operations Excellence

Operational excellence is a distinctive advantage. It translates to increased production flexibility and cost minimization. We can advise on all aspects of your business operations to streamline functions and optimize performance.


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